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Welcome to Wilbe

Home for Scientist Leaders

On New Year's Eve 2020, we started a movement to put scientists in control of their careers. Since then, we have influenced governments and investors to embrace the power of scientist-led entrepreneurship, and have inspired university Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) to align with the needs of a new generation of scientist founders. In the process, we created hundreds of hours of resources while empowering our community of entrepreneurial scientists from across the world, built some of the most sought-after scientist-led ventures and invested with conviction in all.

Wilbe Community of Scientist Leaders

We are now open-sourcing all of our content. Very soon you will have access to:​

  • Career Resources: unlimited access to our proprietary content, dedicated to all scientists interested in becoming founders. This includes our playbook on spinning out and building an investment deck, but also insights for those in academia exploring joining a startup, and guidance for becoming an entrepreneurial academic. Here you can also apply for our flagship Become a Scientist Founder Fellowship (BSF).

  • Advocacy: suggest and support proposals from the community to improve the science ecosystem for scientists, and help your employer, your Tech Transfer Office and your government align with scientists’ needs.

  • Funding: access our directory of aligned investors and grant providers, pitch to our venture capital fund or apply for our proof-of-concept grant.

  • Lab Space: find and secure the right workspace for your team.


Wilbe scientists spearheading generational change

Can I join?

This community is for all scientists in both academia and industry who are:

  • considering a career change

  • exploring the path of entrepreneurship

  • getting ready to spinout and want to avoid expensive mistakes

  • are already in the venture world and wish to meet more peers

We are keen to make sure that the community is made of genuine and positive members. To join we will ask you to confirm your LinkedIn and that you will respect the house rules. You will also be able to share some context on what moves you which will help us recommend content relevant for you. We are launching soon: secure your early access now.


• If you are an investor interested in backing science and scientist led companies, you can register to hear about potential co-investment opportunities. You can submit an Investor Registration Form here

• If you are a member of a Tech Transfer Office (TTO) we offer opportunities to learn how to better align with the interests of scientist founders. You can submit a TTO Registration Form here

• If you are someone who wants to support scientist founders in other ways, or you think you would be a valuable member of the Wilbe Ecosystem, tell us more by registering with this form.

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