Our delivery team, our bedrock

Since 2015 providing value at a fixed fee and delivery turnkey results

Avoid reinventing the wheel internally, to be relevant you need specific know-how.

In practice:

  1. Understanding focus and purpose

  2. Define strategy and objective

  3. Delineate our activities

  4. Kickoff programme and handover turnkey  


At Wilbe, we are bound by the singular mission to help scientists and technical founders commercialise their research and build businesses that fix the world's biggest problems.

We do this by finding founders early, help them frame a vision, draw a product roadmap, validate the market and help them with the needed business support: legal, finance, design, sales, recruitment for the first 12 months.

We help scientists turn their prototypes into businesses and bring on board the right funding and investors for them.



Treasure House, London

EC1N 8BA, United Kingdom


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