BSO | Become a Science Operator

Preparing experienced operators and product managers on building science-based solutions to real problems.

Dedicated to operators and product managers who have experience running deep tech products and who now wish to work alongside entrepreneurial scientists to build solutions to some of the hardest problems.



1-day class

held quarterly

biotech & climate tracks

delivered free, live and online

by seasoned science executives


Who is BSO for

We select 20 applicants per class, most will have a minimum of 5 years of product building and management experience, typically with exposure to deep technologies.

Background of previous applicants:
Dyson, Spotify, IBM Watson, Amazon, Nest, Revolut.


BSO Class 3 - Summer 2021

The BSO Skills

I. Science vs. Product

Getting to a product from research

II. IP assets

Managing patents and the different research stakeholders

III. Regulatory

Factoring risk, time and cost of compliance in highly regulated industries 

IV. Culture and Mindset

What leadership style to expect and how you can impact it

V. Who funds science

The role of grants and super-intelligent capital

VI. Realising

Knowing your exit potential from the outset


Shared resources for aspiring science entrepreneurs


A live guide filled with essential resources and template documents to help you on your journey of discovery. 


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