BSO | Become a Science Operator

Preparing experienced operators and product managers on building science-based solutions to real problems.

Dedicated to operators and product managers who have experience running tech products and who now wish to work alongside entrepreneurial scientists to build solutions to some of the hardest problems.


2-day class
held quarterly
delivered live and online
through biotech & climate tracks

by seasoned science founders and founders


Who is BSO for

We select 15 applicants per class, most will have at least 5 years of product building and management experience, typically with exposure to deep technologies.

Background of previous applicants:
Dyson, Spotify, Google, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Revolut.

Apply for Class 3

BSO #3

27-28 January 2022

Application deadline 21 Jan

The BSO Skills

I. Science vs. Product

Getting to a product from research

II. Spinning out: the role of Tech Transfer and IP

Managing patents and the different research stakeholders

III. Regulatory

Factoring risk, time and cost of compliance in highly regulated industries 

IV. Culture and Mindset

What leadership style to expect and how you can impact it

V. Who funds science

The role of grants and super-intelligent capital

VI. Realising

Knowing your exit potential from the outset


Who is BSO for?

The Become a Science Operator course is dedicated to operators and product managers who have at least 5 years experience running deep tech products, business lines in startups or corporates and who now wish to work alongside entrepreneurial scientists to build solutions to some of the hardest problems.

What is your criteria for selecting candidates?

If you are an experienced product manager or operator and are actively exploring what it takes to build and operate a science company then all you need to do is tell us what you are hoping to gain from the course. We have designed the course in a manner that optimizes learning in a close-knit environment. As such, there are only 15 spots for this class, and if accepted into the Fellowship we would expect you to participate 100%. Please apply before the application deadline 11:59 pm UK Friday 21 January 2022, the earlier you apply the better!

Is there a cost associated with joining BSO

If selected, there's an attendance fee of £50. The fees cover over 6 hours of training and coaching, including at least one 1:1 session, and upon graduation, access to our growing Fellows platform for networking with peers and experts and access to resources and events. We do have limited scholarship options, once you have been accepted these can be shared with you. There are no fees to apply so do submit an application to be considered for BSO!

What are the dates for the upcoming class?

Our next BSO will be held on 27-28 January 2022. This is an application based programme, please submit your application before the deadline: 11:59 pm UK 21 January 2022, the earlier you apply the better! You will be notified of your application outcome within 3 days of the application deadline. The course is run over 2 days, online, with at least 5 hours of expected commitment. We continue the conversation and assignments offline through our shared community channel. Upon graduation, you continue your journey alongside our growing and incredible community of Fellows!

Why are you doing this?

We believe that science is the solution to all the core challenges we face today and will drive fundamental improvements to human and planetary health for the rest of this century. Scientists will be at the forefront of this change alongside experienced business operators who are able to join forces with scientist founders to build solutions to some of the world's hardest problems. Our experience shows us that if the right pillars are placed at the earliest of stages, we are able to empower scientists and key stakeholders to become effective business leaders. Skills is the catalyst, putting you in control of your research and therefore of your entrepreneurial potential. Read more on why we started an education company for all science stakeholders here.


Shared resources for aspiring science entrepreneurs


A live guide filled with essential resources and template documents to help you on your journey of discovery. 


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