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BSP | Become a Science Product Manager

Empowering scientists and engineers interested in exploring product management as a role.

Dedicated to scientists and engineers who are curious about roles outside of academia and want to explore how skills developed over their PhDs fit product management roles in science companies.


2-day class
held quarterly
delivered live and online
by seasoned science product managers


Who is BSP for

We select 10-15 applicants per class, most will be science and engineering PhDs or recent graduates, curious about opportunities outside of academia such as product management roles within science companies, typically armed with knowledge of what they do and don’t enjoy about their PhD.

Apply for our next BSP

BSP #3

September 2023

Application deadline 15 August 2023

The BSP Skills

I. Beyond Academia

Understanding how the skills developed in PhD can translate to roles in industry with a focus on product management roles in science companies.

II. PhD to Product mindset

Understanding the mindset shift from scientist to product mindset.

III. Product management in science companies

Learn what the day to day of a science product manager is and the key skills to thrive in such a role.

IV. Breaking into product management

Real examples of how and when to break into product management.

V. Owning your narrative

Creating a compelling story for your journey into product management.



Shared resources for aspiring science entrepreneurs


A live guide filled with essential resources and template documents to help you on your journey of discovery. 


Join a close-knit community of aspiring science PMs to bounce ideas, access shared resources and build your network.

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