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Building companies with scientist founders transitioning from academia to venture

We join you as founding partners to help you

define the team, spinout terms, business proposition,
avoid expensive mistakes and 
launch a healthy venture

Hear it from our founders


On April 26, Dee, Ale and I had our first official meeting about the company. After a long and productive working period we brought the Wilbe bunch on to the team on July 15th and honestly I can't imagine the company without them. Their devotion and energy kept me going when all seemed overly frustrating!


Did you guys see this article?  Perfect narrative for why Wilbe is needed  in the world 😁:


I met Wilbe through their BSF Fellowship which empowers inventors and scientists to be the leaders of their own company. Ale and Dee have followed me throughout my whole entrepreneurial journey with the same constant and relentless support. They are the people whom I trust the most  in the entrepreneurial world and definitely the most human.

Problems we solve


Our time on earth should not be a luxury reserved to those who can afford it. We work with scientists at the convergence of biology and engineering to secure and extend access to this right for all.


Every aspect of our livelihood is due to be rethought, from the way we build to the way we dispose. We are turning  green ambitions into reality. Not doing more, just better.

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