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Covid-19 may keep us apart physically but our work to help scientists continues virtually. If you are a science founder access our community here

Scientists fix the world's biggest problems.

We help scientists commercialise research
and bring it to a global audience.

At Wilbe, we help entrepreneurial scientists commercialise research and build businesses that fix real problems.

We do this by finding founders early, help them frame a value proposition, draw a product roadmap, validate the market and provide the needed business support: legal, finance, design, marketing, recruitment for the first 12 months.

We help scientists turn their prototypes into businesses and bring on board the right funding and investors for the venture.


Our focus

 01/ Health

Our time on earth should not be a luxury reserved to those who can afford it. We work with scientists at the convergence of engineering and biology to secure and extend access to this right for all. 

#biotechnology #precisionmedicine #devices

 02/ Sustainability

Every aspect of our livelihood is due to be rethought, from the way we build to the way we dispose. Our ventures are  turning corporate green ambitions into reality.

Not doing more, just better.


#precisionfarming #bioeconomy

03/ Security

With the erosion of civil rights that we have fought hard for, entrepreneurs will be working alongside visionary governments on rebalancing the negative incentives of market economics.
#privacy #modernslavery #wateraccess #foodsafety


SCIENCE FOUNders community

Open source resources for aspiring science entrepreneurs

Tell us about your research, where you are on your commercialisation journey and we will help you explore the best path to achieving your mission.

A live guide filled with essential resources and template documents to help you set solid foundations for your venture.


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Tell us more about you and what you are building


We work with our partners, from corporate to research institutions, to deliver impact and scale 


Venture is shifting to solving real problems and science will lead the way



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