All the professional support

a science company needs

when scaling

Who is Engine for

you have secured funding for your company,  you are ready to scale and are yet to bring onboard your GC, FD, HR, CMO

How does Engine help

by removing roadblocks as an extension of your operational team responsible for managing and delivering on legal, finance, brand and recruitment activities under one roof


Stuff we can get done for you

headhunt talent
deal with employment agreements
set up accounts and claim tax breaks
produce welcome package
protect IP
announcement strategy
define pricing strategy
secure regulatory approval
crisis management press 
strategise legal dispute
restructure team
review finances
negotiate and define commercial terms
explore brand alignment
update revenue forecast
integrate teams
New team member:
New product:
New partnership:
New problem:

The Engine

we are senior professionals who have worked in director roles within some of the most innovative companies in the world including Apple, Arm and AstraZeneca.   

we left big firms to be able to work for big visionaries, now we sit on boards and make angel investments.

The clogs

we are lean and on tap. we are mobile. no offices, little overheads. we are professionals who understand what should be done when. we sell pure execution while walking alongside the leadership.


Do you think we can help?

Drop us a line here to set up a 30-min introductory call and hear how we can work together.

We are growing

Check out open positions here →

We are venture operators who believe that science should come first and that through education, support and investment we can build solutions to a large part of the problems that we face today.

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