ArtDubai Event: Art meets Blockchain

During Art Dubai 2018 earlier this month we had the pleasure of hosting Art meets Blockchain: a Fireside Chat with Maecenas' Marcelo (Co-founder & CEO) and Jerome (Chief Art Officer).

The gathering took place at the Dubai Capital Club and was hosted by our MENA Venture Partner, Vasileios Klianis. Some of the topics covered during the event include:

  • the Authenticity and Provenance process when onboarding new clients, investors and art-pieces;

  • how the Auction and Settlement functions on the Maecenas platform;

  • the workings around Pricing and Valuation;

  • Ownership transfer;

  • where the Artwork is stored; and

  • general principles of the Token Utility Economics.

Maecenas took the opportunity to demystify the nuts and bolts of the company's Trading Platform for the Arts, whilst sharing its roadmap and upcoming beta launch later this year.

We are proud to have been part of the Maecenas journey since its inception, please do reach out if you wish to get involved:

For all details about Maecenas and the event, please visit the links below: