Our Privacy Manifesto: Why We Decided to Kill Our Mailing List

You may have received an email from us informing you that post-GDPR, we will no longer be sending you marketing emails. Here’s why we decided upon this approach:

Privacy is at the core of our mission at Wilbe.

Europe has taken an aggressive stand in leading global policy on data protection through the implementation of the GDPR. The law now requires companies to be transparent about what information they gather and why, giving individuals the power to control and access their personal data. In light of the implementation of the new regulation, we advised companies on implementing GDPR compliance strategies and built tools that would help facilitate this.

However, as we went about this, we realised that many companies, including ours, were looking at this all wrong. Rather than seeing GDPR as an opportunity for companies to re-evaluate their strategies around data privacy, it had merely turned into an exercise of website changes and mass mailers.

The development of business models based on exploiting user data in order to be profitable has never sat right with us. Across all our portfolio ventures, we seek to instill a culture of respect for personal data and to place the appropriate systems in order to deal with data accordingly. In fact, one of our earliest ventures, Kormoon, is a compliance platform for data protection and privacy.

We are killing our mailing list. We are handing you the controls.

As we battled to keep our own inboxes organised against the influx of emails asking us to “consent” and opt-in to mailing lists before the 25 May 2018 GDPR deadline, we came to realise that a mailbox is the equivalent of your personal office and that an unsolicited mailing list is almost the equivalent of cold-calling or even trespassing. Why should you have to interact with promotional content that you did not choose to receive in the first place?

As of 25 May 2018 we took a decision that we are not going to send you any more impersonal, mass mailing list emails, ever again.

While the GDPR has set a minimum standard of compliance,our aim is to raise the bar even higher by keeping your interests at the forefront. So, instead of invading your space, we would rather attract you to ours. Going forward, our Content page and Social Media channels will be our main platform for communication.

And of course, We value real connections. Our personal contacts are here:

PS: the subject of our last mass mailing list paid tribute to one of our favorite bands:

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