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Help for founders looking for lab space

Over the last two years at Wilbe we sought to build the infrastructure necessary to solve all the challenges that scientists face when commercialising their research including:

  1. an education company (now serving 12 universities in 9 countries!)

  2. a science-specific venture building programme ("in science incubators don't work") and

  3. launched a fund to invest in the companies we build (more on this soon!)

👇 We are not done yet!

One of the biggest challenges for a recently funded science company in Europe is to secure a commercial space from which to carry on with the lab work and house the team, independent from any individual academic institution or corporate.

Throughout the course of 2021 we have been helping our incredible founders find, secure and fit-out homes for their teams in and around science capitals. In the process, with the unmatched advice of Fabrizio ( the wisest real estate operator), James (our superstar scientist Fellow) and our US friends at Thermo Fisher Scientific, we have developed a precious set of know-how and relationships with visionary landlords.

We now feel we should share these with the science community at large!

If you are struggling to secure the space that you need or want to start eyeing-out potential locations for your team, we have created a dedicated page to help us connect the dots:

  • A dedicated page (bear with us as we are building content for this!)

  • To get practical, a form to tell us what you are looking for this form

As always #ScientistsFirst ❤️

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