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Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Happy Summer everyone 🌞 We had a chance to relax and reflect on all the things that have happened since we started our Become a Science Founder Fellowship in October 2020: WOW, our Fellows have come a long way! From our incredible Community of 200 Fellows, mostly postdocs from leading institutions around the world: → over 25% are building healthy and viable companies solving massive human or climate-related challenges from fertility, oncology, gene therapy to substitutes to rare earth metals and making fusion commercially viable → and that have all gone on to raise rounds of funding from strategic private and public investors, collectively valuing these companies at over $120m and; → importantly employing in excess of 100 incredible scientists and operators to realise these visions. AND this is just the beginning 🤟 🥰 Stay tuned for our next update on how many of our Fellows have gone on to become early team members of science startups and furthered their academic paths as PIs! Learn more about our BSF fellowship here: #postdocs #earlycareer #scientists #entrepreneurship #science #spinouts #venture

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