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10 tips to nail your virtual pitches

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Over the last 30 days, we have reviewed over 40 pitches, all virtual, and there are common themes that stood out in most. With our world shifting to and likely remaining virtual in many scenarios, here are 10 specific things you can do to make that pitch as impactful as IRL:

  1. Get the deck (story) right: this remains the same virtual or not virtual - the content should convey a powerful story, here’s a good outline

  2. One message per slide: have limited text on slides, this encourages you to vocalise the story with less of a need to read, too much text confuses and distracts the listener and remember the ‘why’ behind each slide or section of your presentation

  3. Structure the meeting: if you have 30 min, then spend the first 2 min on intro + a bit of small talk, spend 10-12 min max on the deck, leave ample room for discussion you are looking to squeeze in at least 5 questions (the more the better) so keep answers tight and finally spend the last 2 min wrapping up and proposing a call to action

  4. Slow down: there’s no point fitting in every word during the pitch if you sound flat

  5. Pause: use pauses to let key information sink in or to drive excitement or urgency to the next message, try using transition slides as a way to pose a question to the audience or reveal a major insight

  6. Eye contact: Yes this one is hard if there are more than 2-3 people on a video call but the key thing to remember is don’t read the deck look at the camera!

  7. Use other verbal cues such as; anchoring your message in a slide (we are building X and this will address 3 major challenges; 1… 2... and 3...), emotions (convey your commitment and excitement for the cause) and being conversational; be human. 

  8. Practice: do dry runs with your fam, friends, advisors, mirrors

  9. Few days before: send the deck out with a reminder of the meeting logistics

  10. On the day: Sign in early, get your camera, av, background sorted, breathe and smile!


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