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Onboarding Watergenics!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

New onboarding alert! We are very happy to welcome Watergenics to our portfolio of Science-driven ventures.

Liviu Mantescu, Dr. with Cristian and Camille are building a novel sensor and machine learning platform to solve an often invisible problem: the impact that current fish farming and agriculture practices have on our marine, soil and ground water ecosystems. In short:

  • fertilisers can improve plant and fish yield however excess usage of these is common and this leads to run-offs which have a devastating impact on biodiversity, ground water pollution and global warming.

  • with nitrogen and phosphorus loadings expected to double by 2050, this problem is only bound to worsen and governments bound to intervene.

  • Watergenics has developed a realtime and scalable monitoring system which will help farmers better manage the usage of nutrients both saving costs and the environment.

It's going to take a big collaborative effort to address this challenge, If this is relevant to your industry or region we would love to hear from you.

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