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Empowering entrepreneurial scientists on the path beyond academia

We started to empower the next generation of Scientist Leaders solving the problems that matter.

At the heart of our mission lies education: putting scientists and science stakeholders in the drivers seat by teaching you practical business skills. Taught 100% by entrepreneurs, operators and investors who have done it before.

Since we launched in October 2020:

- we are now running 3 courses

- with an alumni community of 120+ brilliant Fellows across scientific disciplines and visionary research institutions

- 100% of our Fellows recommend the course they took and

- are successfully making the transition to founders, to startup operators, to product managers, to VCs and to commercially minded academics.

If you are exploring a path in science entrepreneurship, working at science startups or are interested in meeting scientist co-founders: Applications are now OPEN for all our courses!

🤠 Become a Science Founder (BSF)

For scientists looking to become entrepreneurs.

🤠 Become a Science Operator (BSO)

For experienced business operators looking to build and run science companies.

🤠 Become a Science Product Manager (BSP)

For scientists exploring a career path in product management in science companies.

To learn more and apply:

We can't wait to hear from you ♥️


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