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Say hello to WilbeLAB, lab spaces that scientist leaders deserve

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

At Wilbe we solve problems for scientists: finding suitable commercial laboratory space is a massive hinderance for all our Fellows, Founders and science ecosystem at large. A couple of years back we raised this problem with dear friend and real estate wizard Fabrizio, we joined forces to tackle the problem head-on, developing a now proprietary model which allows us to deliver spaces that are both beautiful and functional for science ventures, within buildings that landlords can be proud of: welcome to WilbeLAB 🎉

If you have ever tried to setup and run a laboratory as a start up, you know how hard and risky that is.

WilbeLAB lives to solve that.

We work with:

🥼 Scientist Founders to:

1- find a space

2- refurbish it

3- setup operations

4- run the space

🏢 Landlords to:

1- model a property

2- light it up with science

3- setup and run operations and hospitality

And to make things practical, which is how we like to do it at Wilbe, we are very proud to share the launch of Milvus Superlab by Milvus Advanced in Central Oxford where there are TWO lab + offices spaces available and are currently selecting potential occupiers for them.

If you are looking for a home for your team, reach out here: #Scientistsfirst!

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