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Welcoming Hakan as Academic Partner

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

There are no shortcuts when commercialising science. Time matters, sweat matters. Empathy and trust matter.

This was the core of our conversation when we first met Hakan, Research Associate at Imperial College in molecular and cellular biology and founder of the Imperial Postdocs & Fellows Enterprise Network.

The conversation aided in the design of Wilbe SKILLS, a programme we then launched in partnership with Imperial, Cambridge and Oxford universities aimed at preparing senior researchers for a life in entrepreneurship. Putting scientists in control of their research.

Hakan is joining us this week as Academic Partner and, alongside Melanie and Nanki, will be leveraging his expertise inside the lab and outside as a former consultant to help us understand the potential impact of the research that we wish to commercialise through VENTURES. Welcome onboard Hakan!

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