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Welcome to our new Course Director: Hannah Thompson

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Last week we launched the all new Become a Science Product Manager course aimed at science & engineering PhDs and recent graduates exploring product and business roles in science startups!

Today we are pleased to introduce you to the creator behind BSP: Hannah Thompson, PhD 😍

When we first met Hannah at the start of this year, we immediately sensed a shared mission on two fronts:

1. Relentless focus on empowering talent

2. Connecting the dots to make 1. possible

Ever since we have been working together to hone in on empowering an important stakeholder within science: PhD students and how we can help you navigate career opportunities beyond academia.

The outcome: BSP (apply:

A PhD scientist by training, Hannah now has experience across product, business, operations and people functions at science start-ups that monitor health and enable precision medicine and clinical trials. Hannah is currently getting stuff done as Senior Product Manager at Healx, building software to find treatments for rare diseases. When she’s not building products, she’s helping talent unlock their potential or doing comedy gigs, no jokes 😎

Welcome Hannah!


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