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Welcome to the Wilbe Family Ruaridh!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

This is long coming, welcome to the Wilbe family Ruaridh!

We first met Ruaridh as a PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-founder of OpenWater Power, an AL-ion venture exited to L3 Technologies in 2017.

He stayed in Cambridge (MA) to become a Postdoc researcher in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering focusing his research on understanding how nuclear power and other technologies must adapt to succeed in modern energy systems and markets, developing new designs in response.

Some of you BSF Fellows may recognise Ruaridh from Class5 finale 🤠

He joins Gautam, Hakan, Melanie and Alec as Academic Partner to share his wisdom on commercialising material sciences as we educate, support and invest in more scientist leaders building fundamental climate solutions.

Learn more about his work here:

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