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Why invest in green?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

I got to experience the Baltic buzz at the incredibly well put together TechChill conference last week, thanks to Andris, Ernests & team. Along with Agate, Rokas & Alex we got to share our thoughts on 'why investing in green' shouldn't be a question!

Sustainability / climate tech / greentech whatever you want to call it is one of three core pillars for us at Wilbe. Arguably without the planet we got nothing.

What excites us most in this space are solutions that are based on science, are scalable and do not create consumption for the sake of consumption. Solve the real problem don’t just add to it!

Here are a few areas we’re looking at:

  1. Sustainable manufacturing: driving the transition from a linear (factory to landfill) to circular supply chain for e.g.; green chemicals, biofuels, recycling technologies.

  2. Food and agriculture: farming and feeding the planet sustainably, for e.g.; precision farming to increase soil productivity, reducing food waste, making lab-grown meat affordable.

  3. Energy efficiency: low-emission options for long haul transportation & our built environment.

We need LOTS of technological progress to get to carbon + GHG negative. If you're working on this lets meet!

Catch a recap of our talk here


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