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Wrapping up our 3rd BSF Fellowship!

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

We just concluded our 3rd BSF Fellowship! We created Become a Science Founder to help form a generation of scientist leaders for the challenges of this century and boy are we excited to introduce you to our new Fellows.

You successfully came through an intense 5 weeks together, big congratulations to Assia, Ana, Antonio, Corentin, Dorian, Emanuele, Felipe, Flo, Giulia, Jack, Jia-Ling, Jonathan, Justin, Maria, Matteo, Nikita, Ola, Phil, Rachel, Rossella, Pedro, Stephen, Vessela, Vanessa, Yasmin, Zoltan. We can't wait to see what comes next for you and to support as we can.

Big kudos to our veteran founders and instructors Saalim, Robert, Joshua, Ilan, Andrew, Lita who are committed to forming the next generation of entrepreneurial scientists, you each brought incredible value to the fellowship both in and out of class and we love working with you.

Thank you to our guests Giorgia, Nick, Tom, Gita, Daniel, Nathan, Srin, Dr. Christoph for sharing your wisdom and helping our Fellows build an anchor network. And to our incredible Academic team Hakan, Gautam, Nanki, Alec, Melanie.

Our Summer #BSF class kicks-off in July, if you are a #postdoc looking to get your #entrepreneurial hat on, this may be for you, apply here:

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