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Practical business skills by seasoned entrepreneurs, operators and investors in science.

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Become a Science Founder

Our flagship fellowship dedicated to Postdoc researchers exploring entrepreneurship, funded by visionary research institutions

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Become a Science Product Manager

For scientists exploring a career path in product management in science-based startups

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Tech Transfer Boss

Unlocking the full expertise of Tech transfer professionals by merging it with practical venture capital dynamics

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Become a Science Operator

Converting experienced business operators into the next generation of science venture operators, we need you!

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Become a Power Team

For scientists about to join a science venture and eager to become familiar with the business language and strategy

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Policy For Venture

Welcoming policy advisers and experts to the venture world to see impact delivered through enterprise 

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Your instructors and guest speakers


Through science we can solve the most fundamental challenges of this century.

To achieve that we need to create a common language for all the stakeholders within and around science commercialisation.

SKILLS is a community-led education company dedicated to teaching practical business skills and connecting all science stakeholders.

We started in 2020 with our now flagship Become a Science Founder BSF fellowship for Postdoc researchers and are now also running courses for PhD candidates, product managers, policy advisers, tech transfer officers, and investors.

All moving forward together, with complementary skills and a common language.

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Shared resources for aspiring science entrepreneurs


A live guide filled with essential resources and template documents to help you on your journey of discovery. 


Access to a private community of aspiring science entrepreneurs to bounce ideas, access shared resources and build your network.