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Transforming 100M hectares of desolate land into climate solution

Building on our collective decades of experience in Earth sciences, biotech, UN advocacy, and scaling science solutions to solve real-world problems. We leverage a non-profit Focused Research Organization (FRO) approach pioneered by visionary philanthropists and adapted it to the challenge of the climate crisis.


4 Billion Hectares of Opportunity

Degraded land

1/3 Earth

5x USA

there are 4 BN hectares of degrade land on the planet

1/3 of Earth's surface is degraded, not supporting the amount of life it could

more than 5x the size of the USA

Using emerging technologies for terraforming

Upcycle CO₂, supply water, and rejuvenate ecosystems: all in one. 

By leveraging atmospheric water harvesting techniques with algae, known for absorbing carbon up to 400 times faster than trees, our first prototype seeks to transform desolate landscapes where conventional methods fail.

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How can you help?

Delivery Team


Dr Jesse Zondervan

Program director

As a scientist formerly at the University of Oxford, Imperial College, and University College London, Jesse specializes in Earth surface processes and landscape evolution and is known for an integrative and holistic approach. A landmark study under his leadership at Oxford redefined the understanding of biology’s role in long-term climate dynamics. He is a leading member in one of two geoscience organisations at COP26, recognized within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. His experience spans science, policy, and entrepreneurship, having worked through Wilbe's programs including BSF, BSF NEXT, and Build.

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Ale Maiano


Ale Maiano, former corporate solicitor, co-founded Wilbe in 2019 to build a new model for solving real-world problems with science at scale. At Terra, he leverages his expertise in technology and spinouts to drive a strategic project from conception to impact. His background in environmental law aligns with Terra's mission for climate resilience. Ale has helped shape Terra's strategic direction during Jesse's time as Entrepreneur in Residence at Wilbe, where a year of discovery including over two-hundred 1:1 conversations refined our roadmap. 

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Dr Simran Aulakh

Science Lead

Simran's expertise stems from her work at institutions such as ETH Zurich, the Francis Crick Institute, and the University of Cambridge. Specializing in microbiology and biotechnology, she guides Terra's scientific initiatives and has hands-on experience with biotech eco-startups. Her active involvement in Terra's projects in Spain highlights her dedication to the organization's objectives.

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