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Our time on earth should not be a luxury reserved to those who can afford it. We work with scientists at the convergence of engineering and biology to secure and extend access to this right for all.


Every aspect of our livelihood is due to be rethought, from the way we build to the way we dispose. We are turning corporate green ambitions into reality. Not doing more, just better.


With the erosion of hard fought civil rights, our ventures aim to work alongside visionary governments on rebalancing the negative incentives of market economics.


What are you working on?

Tell us more about you and your research, set up a 1:1  session


What ventures do you work with?

We work with entrepreneurial scientists from leading university hubs to commercialise their research aimed at fixing massive global problems including in health, climate change and security. We get involved at an early stage: most of the time pre-revenue, often pre-product launch, sometimes pre-incorporation. Here are the first things we look for in our ventures:

  1. The founders: the technical ability, of course, but mostly the human aspect – what motivates them?
  2. The science and technology: is it proven? how defensible is it?
  3. The need: is it a problem worth solving and who is going to pay for it? Can it drive impact at scale?

Do you have a regional focus?

We are based in London with a focus on talent from key research hubs in the UK, rest of Europe and SE Asia.

Do you have standard terms?

There is no strict “cookie-cutter” programme. We look at each potential venture with fresh eyes: we sit down with the founders, agree on a roadmap, set expected outcomes and then agree on the terms which are set on a sweat-for-equity (ordinary shares) basis. Rule of thumb, we usually get vested in the region of five and fifteen percent depending on:

  1. the stage of the company (e.g. sometimes we come onboard at the prototype stage, other times after funding).
  2. the resources that we would be dedicating (e.g. sometimes not all our skills are needed).
  3. the milestones that we achieve (e.g. sometimes we complement the stake by setting growth targets).

What support do you provide?

At the heart of our work is the Wilbe Engine that we provide to our founders. It gathers the multiple professional skills, capital resources and the 300+ investor, 100+ experts and corporate network that we can unleash for the ventures that we back: 1/ Finance and business planning frame the value proposition, business and go-to-market plan, financial model,and investment material. 2/ Legal corporate (e.g. company byelaws, investment terms) and commercial (e.g. licensing,
IP, employment).
3/ Design brand identity, web design and product UX design. 4/ Go-to-market and growth product market-fit, user testing, pipeline of early customers, international expansion.

5/ Communications brand narrative, communications strategy, press liasing, demo opportunities, events. 6/ Fundraising how to pitch and close, access to selection of investors from our Blue Book.

7/ Talent hiring the first team members from our Talent Pool, or advisors from our Wisdom Book.

8/ Troubleshooting for the sticky issues that come by surprise.

How do you deliver the support?

This is how we typically work with our founders:

  1. engine
    prior to onboarding we agree on a roadmap of activities typically with two phases: 1) pre-engine (6-8 weeks to build an investable proposition) and 2) engine (ongoing).
  2. expert community
    we have 100+ domain Wilbe experts in our community all to deliver impact and scale to our ventures.
  3. sprints
    sit down every week to measure progress and set next set of goals.
  4. team channel
    in between sprints, day-to-day communications is online through a dedicated team channel.
  5. on-tap
    we regularly jump on impromptu calls to advise on emergencies or to validate new ideas.

How long are you involved for?

We are hands-on for a period of 12 months: from incorporation until the company has the funding or human capital to set-up and maintain the business functions internally.

For certain functions, in particular growth and troubleshooting, our work never ends. It is in our interest to continue helping the team sourcing growth opportunities and share our experience in solving management hurdles.

What to expect from us?

We are operational, covering management functions within the venture, on-tap and in exchange for equity. We are involved as long as the venture needs us, not just for the period of a 'cohort'. Alongside the practical help, we can deploy investment capital. We also have a Blue Book of investors that we open up when the venture is ready to raise more funds.

I think we are a match, what next?

Grand! Please tell us more here and we will reach out to arrange a call or a coffee.




We are venture operators who believe that science should come first and that through education, support and investment we can build solutions to a large part of the problems that we face today.

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