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Welcome to the World, Proxima Fusion!

Welcome Proxima Fusion!

Proxima's mission: Harness the power of nuclear fusion to deliver the clean energy the world is desperately in need of

Over the last several months, we have advanced our mission of empowering scientist founders, by helping the founders transition from academia to business and supporting them via our time, energy and investments. Congratulations Francesco and team, we are all firmly behind you in this journey at every step.

Our efforts to help build Proxima started with Francesco joining the Become a Science Founder Fellowship (BSF) in September 2022 after which he began to put on his business hat. Soon after the fellowship, we went it to venture building mode where the Proxima team worked tirelessly with us to get it off the ground and flying!

Proxima Fusion rides on the success of the groundbreaking Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) stellarator from the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics. Unlike tokamaks, stellarators offer steady-state operation and better heat management. The once-troubling issues of plasma confinement and fusion product losses have been conquered. Thanks to W7-X's exceptional performance, stellarators are now poised to revolutionize fusion power, delivering stability and high performance like never before. Witness the future of fusion, where engineering and economics converge with W7-X leading the charge.

For all those interested in diving into Proxima’s mission: they are hiring for a few key positions, check out Careers at Proxima Fusion

Thank you to all the Investors leading and joining the round to empower Proxima: Ian Hogarth from Plural Platform, Benjamin Erhart from UVC Partners, Johannes Weber from HTGF and Torsten Neil. If you are interested in learning more, check out the FT coverage and Proxima’s website: Let’s celebrate this momentous event 🎉

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